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LevelNaturals – CMS with e-Commerce

LevelNaturals came to us as a start up to explore the opportunities in promoting their online presents as well as recruiting physical stores to carry their products. When they came to us, they have already had their own PR agency. Our role was to design and develop the e-commerce and news platforms from ground up to go align with their whole marketing strategy.

We understood how important it is to have a ready on-line presents for the initial mass physical marketing campaign. After all, our solution was the key method in binding online businesses. Our development was divided into two stages:

  • Stage 1 – Design and development the entire solution from ground up and be able process any online sales as well as posting regular updates at the site.
  • Stage 2 – Establish the social media presents, improving the usability at the site to handle more user registrations.

As of the date of writing, LevelNaturals are enjoying more than 200 physical distribution locations, extensive media coverage as well as descent online sales volume.

  • Platform: WordPress, Zen Cart