Web Development

Yes, its a pretty broad term to use. Here’s what it actually involves. You have a design for a website or an application – it could be just a mockup, a hand scratch graphics, it could be a set of existing pages, or it could be just an on-line business idea you have. I will take it, digest it, and code it into cross-platform, accessible and easy to fine search engine friendly HTML. Then, if you need to edit them from time to time, I can put it into a Content Management System.

In short:

  • Valid HTML5, CSS, & JavaScript
  • E-commence shopping cart development
  • Blogs & Content Management Systems
  • Custom WordPress themes & development

For example:

I did the front-end development for doGoodr.org (the flagship product of the Environmental Media Fund, Inc, who I also serve in a technical advisory role). I coded all the pages from the design mockups into functioning XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and worked with a team of two other developers on the back-end Ruby on Rails application.

If that sounds like the kind of thing you might need, why not get in touch for a free email consultation?