System Administration

Even once you’ve got a great web site or app, your work is only half done. You need to get it running on your server… which needs to be reliable and set up correctly to begin with, so you won’t have headaches down the line. I build web environments using virtual dedicated servers, so you get not only stability at a great price… but also the ability to scale up if you need to (like if your site gets way more popular than you expected and it’s hammered by a lot of traffic). The configurations I use match the top shared hosting companies — but with way better service.

I focus primarily on Debian or Ubuntu Linux, running Ruby on Rails or PHP applications — but I’m proficient with any flavor of Linux, so it’s no problem if you want to run something different. I’ll also keep things ticking over with ongoing maintenance, monitoring, and backups.

In short:

  • Web application deployment (to get your site running smoothly)
  • Multi-server environments (for safety and redundancy)
  • Development and staging servers (for easy ongoing development)
  • Regular maintenance and updates (to prevent problems)
  • Nightly off-site backups (for easy disaster recovery and your peace of mind)

If you’re doing ongoing development or testing, I can build you separate staging environments which match your production setup. These of course include all the tools you need to support your work: version control systems with web-based browsing of your code history… project management and collaboration software… issue tracking… workflow and process management tools — it’s all covered. Plus, I can help you get (or stay) up to date with best practices for developing and deploying your web sites and applications.

For example:

For Lolligift I installed and configured a multiple-server environment using Apache and mongrel_cluster to run their Ruby on Rails application. Then I configured a development server to match, and set up a multi-stage deployment process for them using Capistrano. I also configured MySQL replication for the production site and a Subversion repository for their staging environment.

If that sounds like the kind of thing you might need, why not get in touch for a free email consultation?